Trinité Organiques

Inspiration Behind Trinité Organiques

Founded in 2009, Trinité Organiques was born from my desire for meaningful work after losing three loved ones within an eight-month time period. I lost my two dads (yes two, we never used the word step, he was my daddy since I was four (4)) and my Shih Tzu, Punch. During that time period, I developed skin and scalp issues that I believe were triggered by grief and stress. During my research, I discovered that most of the products on the market designed to treat troubled skin actually cause or irritate what they claim to help. The skin is the body's largest organ, and it is the most typical absorption point of everyday toxins. Up to 60 percent of certain ingredients in products, such as lotion, cream and bubble bath, can be absorbed through the skin and into the bloodstream. I began reading the labels on my hair and skin-care products and was alarmed at the ingredients listed, particularly "fragrance," which can be a mask for numerous chemicals.

I began searching the internet and local natural and organic retailers to find more suitable alternatives. What I found was a selection of products which, to be beneficial; however, the selection was limited and the products were quite expensive. I wanted to offer the skin-care market affordable, safe and all-natural products that work effectively on troubled skin, cause the least environmental impact, and help consumers improve their self-confidence. I hoped to create natural and organic products with silky textures, exotic ingredients and beautiful packaging. After two years of extensive research, I began mixing sample products in my kitchen/laboratory, testing them on myself, my family  and co-workers. I developed a line of products for those skin and scalp concerns that often affect our self-confidence. Our products are offered online to protect your privacy. Our modern packaging design compliments all types of home esthetics; no need to hide these products under your counters. We used discretion when naming our products, so that they do not give way to their benefit. (i.e., hemorrhoid oil is named N°2H)  Detailed instructions are listed on the product page of the website but only the basic instructions are included on the product labels.

Life is too short to be preoccupied with issues like skin and hair concerns. Our hope is that our products will help ease your symptoms and allow you to focus on living your life and enjoying time with those you love.

How We Got Our Name

I wanted a name with meaning and one that didn't sound medicinal. Trinité Organiques is French for Trinity Organics. Trinité represents the three losses I suffered, which motivated me to want to do more with my life. It represents my FAITH which sustained me after the loss of my dads and my dog, and it represents the two ingredients and one element associated with every product: FRANKINCENSE, MYRRH and GOLD. Organiques represents the ingredients which are organic, natural and/or wild-crafted.

Jaime Rogers